Yukata heart – Features of yukata for summer festivals and firework

Yukata heart

Uchiwa in yukata for summer festivals and fireworks … I’m sure everyone has worn it at least once. When I was little, I wore a yukata and scooped cotton candy and goldfish at a food stall, and the excitement I felt was probably because I wore a yukata.

Even now, when I go out in a yukata, I always feel excited and special. Yukata is a fashionable and convenient kimono that can incorporate the latest fashion into the good old traditions. Please enjoy the charm of being able to easily coordinate regardless of the type!

Features of yukata

“Yukata” is summer! Many people think of it. Yukata is a summer kimono, so it has many features that make you feel comfortable in the summer. idn live


yukataUnlike other kimonos, yukata is characterized by being able to be worn lightly without layering.

Since a yukata like a piece of cloth is wrapped around the body and worn, the structure is such that the wind can easily enter through the gaps in the chest and chest. slot88

Easy to wash

yukataYukata, which is easy to sweat in the hot summer, is also easy to wash.

Kimono made of linen and yukata made of cotton can be worn every day and washed every day, and recently some are made of chemical fiber, so it seems to dry quickly. slot gacor

How to wash a yukata

yukataAll you have to do is take off your yukata after you get home, dissolve the fashionable detergent in the washbasin or washbasin while you are in the bath, and put on the yukata that is easily folded along the seams! oxplay

Rinse when you get out of the bath, wrap it in a large towel, dehydrate it in the washing machine for about 30 seconds, and then dry it.

In the summer, if you dry it in a well-ventilated place such as a balcony at night, it will usually be dry the next day, so you can cut it cleanly. toktokbet


yukataFor those of us who usually wear clothes, when we wear a yukata, we can enjoy a slightly different and extraordinary atmosphere.

Not only at festivals and fireworks, but also when you walk around the city, you can change the atmosphere around you just by wearing a yukata. Many people may feel that wearing a yukata gives them a sense of relaxation.

It may be a unique feature of yukata that people who wear a different atmosphere and those around them can enjoy it.

Enjoy the accessories around the yukata

I also admire older people wearing yukatas coolly, and children’s yukatas and men’s yukatas are also wonderful. Yukata that anyone from children to adults can easily enjoy wearing can be dressed in many ways by arranging accessories around the yukata such as obi, clogs, and sandals.

Yukata starter kid, which is a set of yukata and everything around it, is also sold by mail order, but small items around yukata can also be used for clothes, so you can match it with yukata and clothes in various ways. I recommend you to try it.

Geta and sandals

getaGeta and sandals, which are worn according to the yukata, are indispensable points for fashionable feet.

Although it may not be a conspicuous part, there are many elements in the material of the hanao and clogs that can be glimpsed to tighten the yukata.

When choosing sandals and clogs, it is important to match them with the color of the obi. In addition, clogs made by remaking the old “Yukata” are also popular as fashionable accessories that cannot be found anywhere else.


bandIt is no exaggeration to say that the impression of “yukata” is determined by the obi. Even with the same yukata, if you change the color of the obi and match the obidome, the impression of the yukata will change dramatically.

Even if you don’t have many yukatas, you can wear them as if you had many yukatas just by arranging the obi and obi fried.


accessoryI think that there are many people who usually coordinate accessories such as combs and hairpins that match the yukata with their clothes.

On the other hand, colorful accessories such as silver accessories and candies, which are usually used only for clothes, may look good when combined with “Yukata”. It’s also fashionable to match your own obidome with a yukata by matching the leather straps and silver accessories.

In such a case …

ClothespinYou may want to go to the bathroom while wearing a yukata. Toilet in “Yukata” is surprisingly difficult for both women and men. A clothespin is very convenient when you go to the bathroom wearing a yukata.

It is very convenient to put a few large clothespins in your bag. When you go to the bathroom with a yukata, be very careful not to let the hem of “Yukata” stick to the bottom or rub it against the wall.

When you enter the toilet, first turn over the dirty part of the “yukata” with clothespins and fasten it. For females, grab the edge of the hem from the bottom and lift it up so that it is sandwiched between the upper part of the obi. If you have clothespins at this time, you can keep the hem in place without forcibly pushing it into the obi and losing your clothes.

When wearing a yukata, there are various situations where it is easy to get dirty, such as washing your hands and eating. In such cases, it is very convenient to have clothespins to stop the clothespins or to keep the napkins and rugs on. But be careful not to forget to remove the clothespin at the end.

Let’s wear a yukata!

When do you want to wear a yukata?

Summer events include fireworks and festivals, but you’ll especially want to wear a yukata at these events. Recently, besides the time of the event, I see fashionable yukata beauty and men wearing yukata coolly.

When you see people dressing up in yukata and kimono, many people may want to wear yukata more and more. The feature of yukata is that anyone can easily wear it. If you want to wear it, don’t think it difficult and just wear it!

Yukata manners

Yukata is one of the most casual kimonos, and it is a kimono that you can easily wear as a casual wear. There is no rule that you shouldn’t do that stiffly, but since you wear a yukata, if you know the simple etiquette or points such as how to eat and how to walk when you wear a yukata, you can also wear a yukata. I think it will be a refreshing yukata.

Yukata etiquette is not a rigid rule, and there are many points and tips that make it easy to move even when wearing a yukata. When you want to wear a yukata, there are many things that will surely be useful.

Yukata remake

There are many fashionable accessories and miscellaneous goods made by remaking yukata. But I wish I had something like this … It’s quite difficult to find what I think. Then you can make it yourself.

Also, even if your favorite yukata becomes old or you can’t wear it because it’s broken, you can continue to use it in other ways by remaking it, which is one of the pleasures of remaking a yukata. There are many yukata remakes that are easier than you think, so please give it a try!

Men’s Yukata / Dressing Edition

Yukata is the only summer outfit for summer festivals and fireworks displays. I often see women wearing yukata, but it seems that there are not many men wearing yukata yet. Men in yukata, which I sometimes see, have a crisp, refreshing and cool impression, and even those who are looking at them feel refreshed.

Men’s yukata are often thought to be difficult, such as how to dress, how to dress, and etiquette, but it may be easier and easier to wear than women’s yukata. Why don’t you make your yukata debut this year too?

How to dress by type of yukata

Even if you say “Yukata” in a word, there are various yukatas such as colors, patterns, and atmosphere of the material of the fabric. In addition to the impression that a yukata has, the impression of a yukata also changes depending on the image of the person, such as a person with a gentle impression or a person who tends to have a flashy impression.

In addition, there are yukatas that suit different body types, such as tall people and short people, depending on the person who wears the same yukata. There must be a yukata and how to dress that will complement you. If you know the points when choosing and wearing a yukata, it will surely be more fun to wear a yukata.

How to wear a yukata

When do you wear a yukata? Yukata is a summer staple for festivals and fireworks, but when you stay at a hot spring or inn, you may wear something similar to a yukata.

Even at such times, the number of people wearing yukata has increased, but it’s boring with everyone!
I want to be a sexy yukata beauty that everyone looks back on!
I want to wear a neat, refreshing and cool yukata!

Many people think that way. Please get the way to wear a yukata and beautiful gestures to get your ideal yukata!

Women’s Yukata / Dressing Edition

It is the women in yukata that add a refreshing and cool impression to summer festivals and fireworks displays. Yukata with various designs and colors will make you feel gorgeous just by looking at it. One of the charms of yukata is that when you wear a yukata, it looks something different than usual.

Recently, yukata has an image of summer, but if you choose a yukata design, it is convenient and easy to wear in a kimono style all year round. Yukata is popular for dates and fireworks displays, but it’s also a good idea to wear a yukata for a short time in your daily life.

Men’s Yukata / Gesture Edition

I think many women are fascinated by the various gestures that men wearing yukata make. I often hear that a man wearing a yukata or kimono feels something like sex appeal.

However, on the contrary, there are some gestures that seem to be a little disproportionate. The gestures and movements when wearing a yukata are also one of the points to wear a yukata or kimono in a cool way.

When you wear a yukata, you definitely want to remember these gestures and movements. Let’s check it out before we go out!

Women’s Yukata / Gesture Edition

Doesn’t it make you feel special and refreshing even if you go to the same place when you wear a yukata?

Even when choosing clothes, your mood and tension will change depending on what you wear. Also, even when viewed from the flag, women in yukata often have a somewhat fragile impression.

When you are wearing a yukata, if you get a half-supple and refreshing atmosphere, your yukata will look even better. If you wear a yukata with all your might, pay attention to your gestures and aim to be a yukata beauty that everyone can look back on!